PRIMAT’s  goal is to build strong channel partners.

PRIMAT has a proud tradition of responsible company dating back to the first production of 
safes in 1901.

As one of very few companies to reach 118 years of age, we have a lot to look back on and 
We are proud to our tradition and we are happy that the generation of people has developed 
the production until nowadays.


  • November 9, 1901 Franc SCHELL received a company-registration for carrying out a 
    locksmith craft. The basic activity was manufacture and sales of iron safes.

  • Year 1931 – The foundation of the company “SCHELL in DRUG” with limited liability 
    was entered in the court register in Maribor.

  • Due to change of owner’s share the company was renamed to “Tovarna blagajn, družba
     z omejeno zavezo v Mariboru”.

  • In the beginning of the Second World War the company was confiscated and again 
    renamed to “Kassenfabrik G.m.b.H. Marburg”.

  • After the Second World War the German confiscation was cancelled; the company was 
    called again “Tovarna blagajn, družba z omejeno zavezo Maribor”, 1947 it was 
    nationalized and was taken over by “Mestno podjetje Tovarna blagajn Maribor – 

  • Year 1949 the companies “Tovarna blagajn”, “Tovarna nožev”, “Mestna izdelovalnica 
    tehtnic in izdelovalnica pisarniških potrebščin” joined together and “Industrija 
    kovinskih izdelkov – IKI Maribor” was founded.

  • Year 1961 the company was renamed to “Tovarna kovinske opreme PRIMAT, Maribor, 
    Klavniška 22” (present Industrijska ulica 22) and continued its production program of 
    burglary-resistant and fire-resistant security equipment, safes, security cabinets and 
    metal furniture.

  • Year 1996, the company was organized into a joint-stock company “PRIMAT tovarna 
    kovinske opreme d.d., Maribor”.