Parcel Delivery Lockers

If you deal with the home delivery of mail and packages, the number of failed deliveries is surely your nightmare.

Because the addressee is not at home, it is necessary to try to deliver again and again, as long as the package is not left on location, where the addressee must pick it up alone. All this leads to a lot of additional costs and consume a lot of time.

Our solution is Parcel Delivery Locker LOGPRIM!

No more failed deliveries.

Parcel Delivery Lockers LOGPRIM enables its clients to collect parcels.  It makes receiving of parcels fast, convenient and discreet.

Once the package is delivered to the LOGPRIM locker, the customer will receive an e-mail and SMS informing him that his package is available for pick-up. The message will contain  unique pick-up code.

There are many advantages of our Parcel Delivery Lockers LOGPRIM. Call us!