Parcel Delivery Locker LOGPRIM

Easy pick-up and delivery of goods!

What is LOGPRIM?

PRIMAT has developed parcel terminal and  integrated technology into it.
Parcel Delivery Lockers LOGPRIM enables its clients to collect parcels.
It makes receiving of parcels fast, convenient and discreet.

It is modern and efficient parcel delivery solution and it is made for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor facility should be protected from direct sun and rain.

The most suitable locations for parcel terminals are shopping malls where parking lots are on site and working hours are friendly.

What is LOGPRIM logistic solution?

LOGPRIM is not just a parcel terminal. It is much more.

It is a complex logistic solution, which includes software that makes the entire system and
business process run.

All parcel terminals are connected to a network over the Internet. It enables the control of the hardware and delivers all required information to the administrator. LOGPRIM Delivery Lockers allow many functions:

  • Online updating about each status of a parcel in the network of terminals
  • Assistance for couriers who deal with parcel terminals
  • Monitoring the technical status of each terminal and each locker
  • Receiving messages about possible faults
  • Automatically informs clients via SMS or Email about the delivery
  • Easy sorting of the parcels according to the requirements of parcel network.

Who benefits from it?

The LOGPRIM Parcel Lockers have been specially developed to the demands of customer self-service. LOGPRIM reduces costs and increases the delivery efficiency of first and last mile services.
In addition, not only couriers and customers get benefits from it.
Shopping malls where LOGPRIM terminals are located can get more visitors, on-line retailer can expand their business, on-line shoppers are getting more satisfied and loyal. It is a win-win solution for all of them.

How does LOGPRIM work?

Screenshot: Enter your pick-up code

Collecting the parcel

Once your package is delivered to the LOGPRIM locker, you will receive an e-mail and SMS informing you that your package is available for pick-up. The message will contain your unique pick-up code.
At the location/address you will find a set of lockers, one of which will contain your package.
Enter your pick-up code into the touch screen display and the locker with your package will open.
Your package will be available for pick-up for three days from the date of delivery.
If your package is not picked up within the reservation window, it will be returned to sender.

Screenshot: Enter your pick-up code


In case you have to pay for the parcel, LOGPRIM offers also this functionality.
If required, LOGPRIM has an option to add payment terminal, card reader, pin pad and receipt printer.

Screenshot: Courier mode

What are the benefits for the courier?

Deliveries to private addresses represent the most time-consuming aspect of the logistics process. Today’s high customer expectation levels can no longer be fulfilled by one delivery service alone.

  • No more failed delivery attempts
  • Lower distribution and logistics costs
  • Automation of the entire logistics chain
  • Cashless payment.
Screenshot: End of delivery

What are the benefits for the user?

By ordering your goods via home shopping catalogues or online stores, you no longer need to wait at home or go to the post office to pick them up – it is easy to have the package dispatched to your nearest LOGPRIM Parcel Lockers. You will choose the location and time for collecting it.

What are the benefits for the location owner?

Deploy a LOGPRIM Parcel Locker Terminal at your premises and commercialise unused space.
You will increase attractiveness of your location as well as benefit from an increased revenue and
footfall since more customers come round to pick up their parcels.

Dimensions of PRIMAT LOGPRIM parcel locker terminal

LOGPRIM is subject to virtually no limits with regard to size. Modules allow individual layout configurations. It is also possible to remove or add modules at any time during the usage of the machine. Height is always the same, 2200 mm, same as depth, which is 600 mm.

We offer three LOGPRIM model types


Number of









LOGPRIM Standard 46










The box sizes are:

  • Size S     150 mm x 450 mm x 550 mm (H x W x D)
  • Size M    300 mm x 450 mm x 550 mm (H x W x D)
  • Size L     600 mm x 450 mm x 550 mm (H x W x D)

Here an example of type LOGPRIM Standard 46

Three basic modules that consist of different box sizes:

Number of boxes:


14 pieces size S (150x450x550),
5 size M (300x450x550) and
1 size L (600x450x550)

LOGPRIM Standard 46

28 pieces size S (150x450x550),
12 size M (300x450x550) and
6 size L (600x450x550)


42 pieces size S (150x450x550),
15 size M (300x450x550) and
7 size L (600x450x550)

The operation is co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Fund.