Secure Doors PRIMAT
Model T/P


The door has been designed to protect sensitive sites
of the buildings: Post Offices, Bank-Self-Service areas…

Fire proof resistance:  acc. to DIN 4012 (EN 13501-1).

Security design:
Double wall construction.
The space between external
and internal wall is filled with light mineral filling.
Door thickness = 100 mm

Three way locking mechanism - solid round bolts diameter 20 mm:
- 7 Bolts in front side
- 7 Bolts on hinge side
- 3 Bolts up

External hinges - opening: 180 degress

Secure Door (Door wing and assembled frame) will be installed into the blind frame with the screws M8.
Door frame is the robust steel construction and it is hinged onto blank frame.
Blank frame is in strong steel construction and is anchored into building opening with anchoring screws M 10.

Standard locking: 1 key lock with 2 keys; other locking options are available.

Opening: LEFT or RIGHT - should be defined by the Order.

Painting: RAL 7035 – light grey. 

Weight:   approx  180 kg.



External Dimension

2090 x 980 mm (H x W)

Light opening

2000 x 800 mm (H x W)

Door Thickness

110 mm

Construction opening

2040 x 960 mm (H x W)

Secure Door Installation:

Customer prepares a construction opening into the concrete wall according to instructions.
2) Blind frame is inserted into a construction opening with 8 anchoring screws (4 left and 4 right).
3) Door frame will be screwed onto the blind frame.
4) Door wing will be hinged on the door frame.
5) Screws will be covered with decorative caps.
6) In case the construction opening is made bigger as needed, the openings must be filled up
    with the ''pur foam” or silicon putty.