1. ISO Certificates

We operate in accordance with following ISO standards:

•    ISO 9001:2015 – since 1995
•    ISO 14001:2015 – since 2005

Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Certificate ISO 14001:2015

In PRIMAT, we are determined to dedicate all our potentials, experiences and expert knowledge for protecting people and things.

We are committed to take actions for continuous improvement of environment and quality of life of our customers and all employees.

The main pillars of our policy for quality, environment protection, safety at work and energy efficiency are:

•    We operate in partner relationship and in satisfaction of all interested stakeholders.
•    We want to become the leading company in the area of production and marketing of security equipment.
•    The goal of the company is to achieve complete customers satisfaction with »zero defect« strategy in process management and quality of products.
     Troubleshooting is redirected to prevent mistakes / errors, which means that nothing is left to coincidence.
•    The goals of our business in all areas are determined with awareness and consideration of the environmental issue's complexity and energy efficiency.
•    Safety and occupational health are crucial; because we, as employees, can be satisfied by doing our work on appropriate quality and efficiency level
     only in a proper and safe environment.
•    We conduct the company’s management by considering the concept of continuous improvement of the system management.
•    We respect legal regulations, standards and directives in the field of environmental protection, labour law and employee protection.

Policy objectives are:

•    Increasing of customer satisfaction.
•    Focus on global markets.
•    Achieving of constant progress and increasing of efficiency through implementation of improvements, innovations and new technologic procedures.
•    Achieving the best results while simultaneously preventing possible risks for injuries and health problems of employees.
•    Sustainable reduction in use of resources and related environmental pollution.
•    Efficient management for system of quality, environmental management, safety and occupational health and energy efficiency.

1. SIST EN ISO 3834 Part 3 - since 2005

Quality in the field of welding production we present with SIST EN ISO 3834 Part 3.

Certificate SIST EN ISO 3834 Part 3
Certificate SIST EN ISO 3834 Part 3