Rules on the use of web cookies

Most of the websites that we use nowadays, in one way or another use cookies to improve user experience. Although the use of cookies is generally harmless, some people take cookies as intrusive and therefore wish to block some or all cookies or even to delete cookies, which have already been sent.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that most web sites store in the devices with which users access the internet with the purpose of identifying individual devices and settings that users use to access. Their storage is under the full control of the browser by the user - the user can optionally disable or restrict storing of cookies.

Why are cookies needed?

Cookies are fundamental for providing user-friendly online services. Interaction between web users and your website is faster and simpler by using cookies. With their help website remembers individual preferences and experience. This results in saving time when browsing the websites which became more efficiently and friendly. For example, cookies used to store information about the state of the individual website (language selection, number of results, font size...), assist in the collection of statistics on users and number of website visits, on the habits of the web user... with the help of cookies is thus possible to assess the effectiveness of the design of our website.

Cookies on our website

We want  to offer you website, optimized to you and your needs, so we monitor the attendance of our web pages by using Google Analytics (
When you visit our website cookies are loaded on your computer or mobile device. Our website uses cookies for this purpose, with which we collect statistics on page views, therefore we ask you for their confirmation.


The name of the cookie         Duration                            Description
_utma                                      2 years                               Google Analytics
_utmb                                      30 minutes                         Google Analytics
_utmc                                      until the end of session      Google Analytics
_utmt                                      10 minutes                          Google Analytics
_utmz                                      6 months                            Google Analytics
cc_analytics                             1 year                                 Your choice of settings for the use of Google Analytics cookies

Those cookies do not collect personal information by which you can be personally identified and cannot damage your computer, tablets or mobile phone.


By using this site you agree that this site sets cookies on your computer or mobile device.


Manage, delete, and exclude cookies

You can control and modify the settings for cookies in your web browser. You can also set most browsers so that cookies are not saved.

Most modern web browsers give you general information about cookies and allows you: to view all your cookies, delete all or individual cookies and block or allow cookies for all websites or individually selected websites. You can also normally turn off individual billboard ads from third-party cookies.

Do not forget that with the deletion or blocking of cookies all or some of the web pages that you visit (or their functions) will not work properly or as effectively.

If you change your settings for cookies in your web browser, unless you delete or block each cookie individually, the changes apply to all the web pages that you visit, and not only for our website. You will also need to adjust your cookies for each browser separately.

Information about cookies in the web browser are usually located under 'Help'.
Below are the links to the section 'Help' in some of the most commonly used web browsers:

Tracking the number of visits of web pages from Google Analytics can be disabled also at the following link: